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Drugs for life: Factors inhibiting adherence
Drugs for life: Factors inhibiting adherence Swallowing thick, bulky,chalky tablets everyday for a lifetime doesn't sound so
Drugs for life: Factors inhibiting adherence
HIV Discordance Getting Common in Couples
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Current HIV/AIDS Statistics in Nigeria
Population: 140 million
HIV Prevalence Rate (%): 4.1%
Population living with HIV/AIDS: 3.1 million
No. Of People in need of ARV: 1.5 million
Number Currently On ARV : 359,181
Experts Urges Caution on Gay Bill
HIV Discordance Getting Common in Couples
SerodiscordanceHIV Discordance Getting Common in Couples is a situation where a couple's sero (blood) status is not compatible. This scenario began to emerge as the incidence of
HIV Positive Women and the Challenges of Pregnancy
HIV Positive Women and the Challenges of Pregnancy
No doubt, pregnancy period can be very challenging for women, and even to a caring spouse. It is even more challenging when the...
Posters for Change
Posters for Change With captivating pictures and powerful messages, Projekhope is poised to introduce a unique method to communicate behavioural change. With theme that ranges from abstinence to stigmatization and safe sex, the posters come in vivid colors with strong appeal.
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